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Is a technical blog serving mainly as a personal journal for my CCIE journey and it’s progress, a reference for my technical notes, exchanging ideas, questions and answers, and having networking discussions with network professionals in general and CCIE candidates in particular.

As I progress throughout this journey, striving to achieve my CCIE number and learning new technologies that I haven’t been familiar with before, I will publish as many posts as I can with configuration snippets and screenshots which hopefully will make these topics easier to understand and help other CCIE candidates.

Although IP Network Labs is a technical blog, I’ve added Music and Fun Stuff sections where I will try my best to post there during my study breaks! so make sure to check them out!

This blog is written and maintained by Baher Obaidi and the views expressed on this blog are the opinions of those who produced them and in no way represent any employers, past or present.


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